Figuring out recurrence (and bugs…) in Kalendar’s week 3 (GSoC 2021)

This week, we have been focused on making sure that the event editor is finally fully functional – at least, for adding events. πŸ˜‰

The main obstacles to that were a lack of working recurrence rules and general bugginess, especially around keyboard input of event date/time. Once this week’s merge request is merged, most of that should be fixed!


With this week’s merge request, the previously inactive “Repeat” section of the event editor now does what you would expect it to. Now, like in KOrganizer, Kalendar lets you pick how your event is going to repeat, either by selecting a preset (e.g. Daily/Monthly/etc.) or by creating a custom recurrence rule. Custom recurrence rules have special layouts that allow you to create a rule that works exactly the way you want it to!

With this, the event editor sheet is now fully functional for adding events to your Akonadi-connected calendars!

General fixes

Looking forward to next week, some of the groundwork has also been laid for the event editor sheet to be ready for editing events. A lot of this has meant changing the way input fields work, mapping their values directly to the event object’s instead of applying changes on event addition. With these changes, implementing editing on this sheet should require minimal adjustment.

Time has also been spent testing and bug-fixing the current implementation, meaning you should be able to add events more reliably!

Up next

Even though some parts of the event editor should be almost ready for event editing, some of them (like our new recurrence UI) still need to be worked on.

Making the event editor a separate dialog window is also still on the to-do list! 😬

If you have any ideas for Kalendar, get in touch! I’m on Matrix.

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