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Hi! I am a multilingual graduate from University College London (UCL), currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Digital Humanities. I am and always have been a techie, interested in tinkering with gadgets and spreading the word about them. Having grown up using the creations of passionate software developers, I am keen to spread the word about software that others will love. In my spare time, I try to build my own stuff too!

Claudio ha mostrado durante el tiempo que estuvo colaborando con nosotros un alto nivel de compromiso con el trabajo, gran capacidad de innovación y suficientes herramientas para la resolución de problemas y superación de objetivos. Como supervisor de su trabajo, recomendaría su candidatura para un puesto o desempeño de una actividad.
Claudio Cambra is a good writer with deep roots in open source and an infectious enthusiasm for the possibilities of new technology.
The times we worked together, Claudio proved to be an ambitious go-getter. At the same time he was pragmatic, avoiding bikeshedding in favour instead of just getting the job done. This, in the world of professional periodical publishing and its hard deadlines, is a positive trait. He sustains firm beliefs, but he can also take criticism, something which I was all too happy to provide him with... all the time. In summary, I think that, if Claudio could work with me, an obsessive compulsive that frets over the most trivial minutiae of each printed page, it is pretty certain he would be an asset to any publication or similar enterprise willing to take him on.
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