SoK 2021: Post 1

Hello fellow KDE people! I’m Clau, one of the new Season of KDE students. I’ve been a Plasma user for a long time: it was actually the first DE I ever used, back in the early KDE3 days, and it has been my desktop of choice ever since. Needless to say, I’m stoked to be able to contribute to such a cool (kool?) project.

I’ve written about FLOSS stuff for a while now, but recently I’ve been working on my coding skills too. I decided to help with documentation efforts as this would help newcomers and also allow me to learn more about how KDE’s best apps are made. I’ll be working under Carl Schwan, who will make sure that the upcoming content in the docs is the best it can be. Documentation is important for any project, and we have identified a few areas which I will be working on improving over the next few months. These include introductory tutorials, Kirigami’s docs, and more. My hope is that these efforts will ensure that the community of KDE developers keeps growing!

Over the course of Season of KDE, I will continue to provide periodic updates on how things are changing at Feel free to reach out to me on Matrix if you have any ideas or suggestions! 🙂